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Everything You Need to Know About Triathlons

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 10/14/2014
Triathlons are typically races that include three segments, running, cycling and swimming. The distance to be covered in each segment varies and depends on the discretion of the organizers. Winners are decided by the total time they take to complete all three segments. Along the routes, certain transition points are set up where participants can change into the appropriate clothing and collect the gear they need to compete in the next segment of the race. Though, in recent times, specialized clothing is being developed that is suitable for all segments with minor variations.

The PHAST Foundation Triathlon on November 1st, 2014

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 10/6/2014
Like they have been diligently doing the past five years, the PHAST Foundation are organizing a sprint triathlon event on November 1st, 2014 that will allow participants to combine their competitive spirit with the spirit of assisting those that need their help. The race will include sections along the way where participants will undertake certain community service activities and the time they take to complete each task will be deducted from the total time taken to complete the race.
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