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What do I need to Know About Purchasing Cycling shoes?

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 2/12/2014

When you ride your bicycle you are transferring energy from your feet to the pedals and that energy propels your bike forward. That’s why buying the correct footwear to use for riding is an important decision and there are many factors you need to keep in mind while shopping.

Remember, your shoes must fit well and feel like they’re an extension of your foot. The shoes you buy for walking or running need extra room in the toes to allow for the rolling motion of your foot. Not so with cycling shoes. Also make sure they grip your heel and the middle part of your foot firmly once they are fastened on. The straps or velcro used to hold the shoe in place must not press into your foot and if you feel there is any bunching, reject the shoe right away.

The typical cycling shoes you buy must grip the pedal so that your foot does not slip off the pedal when you’re cycling. These shoes, used with specially adapted pedals are called the clip less shoe-pedal combination. But again, the kind of riding you intend to do also dictates the kind of footwear you’ll choose.

If you’re a casual rider and ride for only short distances, you can use shoes that are a hybrid, in the sense that they work with clip less pedals but also allow you to walk comfortably. Whereas, if you’re going to be tackling tough mountainous terrain, you’ll need shoes with removable toe spikes or two-hole cleats. But even so, a firm fit is very vital.

And then you could be looking for shoes to wear when cycling on roads. These shoes need to have stiffer soles that make riding easier but make sure they have the necessary traction for when you want to walk around even if it is just located on the heel. And finally, if you’ll use your shoes for working a stationary bike, check in with your trainer for the shoes you need to pick.

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