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The PHAST Foundation Triathlon on November 1st, 2014

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 10/6/2014
Like they have been diligently doing the past five years, the PHAST Foundation are organizing a sprint triathlon event on November 1st, 2014 that will allow participants to combine their competitive spirit with the spirit of assisting those that need their help. The race will include sections along the way where participants will undertake certain community service activities and the time they take to complete each task will be deducted from the total time taken to complete the race.
If you are a participant in this exciting event, great triathlon wear will help you perform at your best. Find all the appropriate gear at our online store at Shift Cycle Wear. Here you can also order your commemorative 2014 Sprint PHAST Triathlon Suit! The suit’s singlet top is made out of active compression Poly-Lycra Blend and includes an invisible front zipper for a streamlined, clean look. Two pockets at the rear are strategically placed to make sure your things remain safe while the bottom of the suit comes with a CYTECH anatomical tri-pad and is made of active compression Nylon-Lycra blend.
Now that you have the right clothing, let’s talk about certain precautions you should consider. For starters, make sure you’re properly hydrated and the clothes you wear allow free movement like the fabrics of the 2014 Sprint PHAST Triathlon Suit. Keep cool by drinking lots of fluids. When running, we recommend a great hat like the Shift Cycle Wear Race.
At Shift Cycle Wear, we applaud all you participants for taking time off from your busy schedules to reach out to people who need your help. We support you all the way!!