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Sierra Valley Metric Shows their Support for Sierraville Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 5/14/2014
The Sierra Valley tour is a great way for bikers to not just enjoy the beautiful landscape of Sierra Valley and spot the wildlife of Feather River but also contribute to a good cause. You will be paying a fee of $50 if you register by June 7th but if you enter after June 8th, you‘ll pay $60. The proceeds from this event will be donated for the support of the Sierraville Fire and Rescue Department. You will begin your tour at the Sierraville Volunteer Firehouse and travel through pretty grasslands, leas and ranches through one of the highest and largest valleys of Sierra Nevada. The tour includes three loops, a 62-mile loop, a 42-mile loop, and a 30-mile loop. After starting out on the 62-mile loop, you will turn west towards Sattley, north on A-23, east on Hwy 70 that goes through Loyalton and Sierra Brooks and return to Sierraville via Hwy 49. The 42-mile route avoids the Sierra Brooks length and the 30-mile route follows Hwy 49 to Loyalton and returns. The route has only mild elevations but as you navigate both metric- and half-century routes, you will have stunning views of the valley before you. Deer, sandhill cranes, yellow-headed black birds and hawks are only a few of the members of the wildlife fraternity who will be cheering you on. The organizers offer you a T-shirt and facilities for rest area, snacks and beverages. You will have SAG wagons following you that will offer you all the support you need and care for you in case you need anything. Los Dos Hermanos and BBQ are sponsoring the catering for the post-tour party and music will be played by Paul Roen and the Simpletons. At www.shiftcyclewear.com we are all about supporting the efforts of the organizers and the participants. We extend our best wishes for this event and for the cause they are assisting. And we are honored to announce that the commemorative jerseys are available at our store. Click on the link below and find out more about them.