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Shift Cycle Wear—Intrepid Campaign Shorts

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 3/25/2013

At Shift Cycle Wear, it is always our aim to bring you newer and better products, time and again, to enhance your cycling experience. This time we are bringing you a brand new product which has been created by avid bicyclists like yourself. The Intrepid Campaign Shorts combine great style and utility and are perfect dealing with tough trail or steep decline.

The Intrepid Campaign Shorts are made with tough, long lasting material that can stretch three ways to provide you with maximum comfort and allow complete freedom of movement. They also come with ratchet waistband adjusters that give you that perfect fit.

These shorts have been especially designed with thigh vents which are lined with mesh to provide great air circulation that will keep you cool and the fast wicking inner waistband works to draw sweat away from the skin.

The legs of the shorts come with cuffs that fit neatly over your knee pads and stay in place even when you are tackling the most uneven of trails. And did we mention the double popper protective panel with the front zipper? It ensures that your shorts won’t let you down.

Have you had issues in the past with pockets that don’t hold your stuff? The Intrepid Campaign shorts have that much-needed answer to your needs. The hand pockets have magnetic closing tabs that seal well and hold your stuff. And they are fleece-lined. That means your things will stay in place and not move around so much.

And you won’t have to worry about losing your cell phone again. The shorts have smart cargo pockets with a pouch that will keep it completely safe. And of course, they come equipped with a karabiner and an oversize zip.

What’s more is that they have that trendy look complete with embroidered logos so you can make a cool fashion statement that is sure to get you a lot of envious looks.

We are aware of how annoying and itchy labels can get. Your Intrepid Campaign Shorts come with heat transfer labels that you won’t even feel. In case you are wondering? They will need only the very basic maintenance and care.

This is a great new design from the UK and it is our way of showing you, our valued customers that we are constantly on the lookout for new products outside of the USA also.

The Intrepid Campaign Shorts are marketed exclusively by us in the USA and Canada. They come in four sizes you can choose from and are good value for your money. Place your order at www.shiftcyclewear.com and you will see this is one product that you absolutely cannot do without.