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New to Cycling? Start with the Basics

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 11/28/2013
Thinking of taking up cycling? Great!!! So, now that you have your brand new bike and some smart new gear from www.shiftcyclewear.com you’re ready to get started. But before you get out there, here are a few facts to keep in mind.

Keep your eyes on the road up ahead, and that’s where your bike will head. Keep your eyes on the curb you’re trying to avoid and chances are that’s where you’ll end up. Especially when you’re negotiating turns. When you’re pushing your pedals, think of a circular motion with your feet. If you’re stomping down on them, that really isn't going to give you a smooth ride. And while on the subject of pedals, let’s talk about the clipless pedals you should use. The practicality behind this idea is that your foot won’t be sliding off the pedals and you can push more easily. And that also means you’ll tire less easily.

Biking on smooth trails is easy but the real crunch is handling uneven terrain. So, try practicing on grass and maybe a gravel driveway. Another lesson you need to learn is how to handle traffic, so try practicing in an area where there are obstacles. You also need to remember one rule about traffic. Always ride under the assumption that the other drivers cannot see you and you’ll stay safe. Focus on keeping to the right of the road as far as is safely possible, use your arms to indicate where you’re going to other vehicles; and this is important---You must absolutely obey traffic signals!!

So, now that you have the basics under your belt, get out there and feel the wind in your face. And enjoy!!!