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Everything You Need to Know About Triathlons

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 10/14/2014
Triathlons are typically races that include three segments, running, cycling and swimming. The distance to be covered in each segment varies and depends on the discretion of the organizers. Winners are decided by the total time they take to complete all three segments. Along the routes, certain transition points are set up where participants can change into the appropriate clothing and collect the gear they need to compete in the next segment of the race. Though, in recent times, specialized clothing is being developed that is suitable for all segments with minor variations.

Races are organized for charity purposes and also as sporting events and participants must register themselves as per the schedule outlined by the organizers. There may be other rules and regulations with regard to the equipment participants can use. For example, the use of flippers and any other floatation devices for swimming might be barred. Or it may be mandatory that competitors have on proper cycling helmets before they mount their bicycles. Both amateurs and professionals compete in such events and amateurs are usually classified according to age and sex.

If you are preparing to take part in a triathlon, you need to train your body for all three sections. Most triathletes find that running and cycling are easier than the swimming section where you might need to perfect your technique. When training do remember to give your body adequate amounts of rest while training. You might need to push yourself a little to build that stamina! Take up endurance routines such as pilates, weight training and yoga. And when training, take three factors into careful consideration, your lactate threshold, aerobic capacity and economizing on the energy you expend.

Above all, it is always prudent to train under the direction of a qualified expert. And if you’re looking for the appropriate apparel that is suited for the cycling segment, visit us at Shift Cycle Wear and check out our collection. You are sure to find everything you need.