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Beware of Bike Scams

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 7/25/2013

Whether you are a bike supplier or distributor, or a retailer, you need to be wary of bicycle fraudsters. These people can con you into delivering expensive bikes using bogus identities and posing as representatives of legitimate companies.

Here is how they work. If you are a bike supplier, you could be contacted by Mr X posing as an agent for PQR Bikes Co. He might contact you over the phone asking you if you have available stock of a particular bike. Next he might send you a perfectly valid looking purchase order or an email from a seemingly legal retailer company.

You need to be wary if Mr X asks you to deliver the order to a courier who will come by to pick up the consignment. You also need to watch out for people who request that deliveries be made to suspicious locations or say, to another delivery van. Courier companies are often unsuspecting abettors because their job is simply to pick up goods from point A and deliver it to point B.

To protect yourself from these scam artists, you simply need to adopt more stringent rules and regulations; and make sure they are enforced. Verification can be tedious and time-consuming but they will help protect your business.

As part of the cycling industry, we at www.shiftcyclewear.com would want that all of us join hands against fraudsters and scam artists.