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BMC’s New Service Center in San Francisco

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 6/21/2013

BMC Switzerland is the owner of Stromer and Bergamont companies which produce electric bikes. Chris Connolly, director of service has said that in response to the increasing number of e-bikes now being sold all over the USA, BMC has opened a Stromer service centre in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has also said that e-bikes as a rule need very little maintenance but BMC has set up this centre to provide whatever services their customers may need. This center will also help the dealers with the technical know-how they require, and train them to receive and fill orders, aside from providing after-sale services to their customers.

The West Coast has seen the highest sales of e-bikes and this service centre will also help to spread awareness and promote electric biking.

BMC has opened a highly futuristic centre for innovation and improvement in Oberwangen, Switzerland. Visitors at this facility can take a tour of Stromer and even take rides on the electric bikes to test them and their performance.

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