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America’s New Fascination—Bicycles

Posted by Shift Cycle Wear on 7/5/2013

An increasing number of Americans are taking up biking in a big way. Is it because bikes are environmentally friendly and biking helps you save gas money or is it simply because Americans love the idea of combining economy with health? Whatever the reason, we have some interesting figures compiled by www.peopleforbikes.org for you to consider.

Did you know--

-- that in the years from 1990 to 2009, the number of trips taken by Americans on bikes has doubled from 1.8 to a whopping 4 billion.

--in the last 10 years, commuting on bikes has grown 47% all over the USA and 73% in the biggest cities.

--the biking industry creates 770,000 jobs every year and pays $10 billion in taxes, thanks to the $81 billion that Americans spend on bikes and biking gear.

--almost 50% of Americans would like to see bike-friendly paths and lanes in their areas.

--half of the trips Americans take on bicycles are 3 miles or a little under.

The most interesting fact of all says that riding your bike is going to help you live longer, have a more stable blood pressure and blood sugar level and, you’re going to love this—it’s going to help you stay thinner.

So join in with your fellow Americans and take out your bike. And while you’re at it, check out our collection at www.shiftcyclewear.com for some great gear to go with your new hobby.